Upcoming courses in Melbourne:

June 26th and 27th th 2021

July 17th and 18th 2021








The APC labs remain closed to external courses for the present time.  Therefore the course is returning to the Quest Apartment Complex, Abbotsford for the forseable future.  In the event of Quest being unavailable a smaller group may be accomodated at Melbourne Chest Physiotherapy Clinic rooms.


This venue is ideal at present as it allows us to maintain social distancing requirements whilst continuing the learning process.  Hand sanitiser and face masks will be provided for those that wish to use them, and for everyone during closer contact practical work.

HOWEVER, if you have any cough, cold or flu like symptoms, or have been in contact with a confirmed COVID case, please do not attend.

All candidates be responsible for adhering to travel restrictions and requirements, as well as signing in with QR code to ensure screening for the safety of all.  Face masks may be required dependent on current advice from the Health Department


You have 50 minutes to prove yourself with any cardiorespiratory patient, in a strange new environment in exam pressure situation.

There are many things you can't control.  How will your patient or actor behave?  How will your assessors react? 

However, there are many things that CAN be controlled...


We are fortunate of three things:

1. The APC seem to be creatures of habit

2. We have access to the combined experience and recalls of year of APC exams

3. There is now only one venue for the exams and we are finding out more information all the time regarding setup, equipment and processes.

With logical, methodical and both physiological and evidence based learning, Even the least confident candidate can be successful!


On the course we aim to

provide a solid understanding of the principals of physiology and pathophysiology which govern all cardiorespiratory treatments.

provide an in-depth and evidence based understanding of the most commonly seen cases

provide the tools to clinically reason the less commonly seen cases.

provide not only the competence , but the confidence to do all this in an exam scenario!